What is this site about ?

Finding the correct information is very tough. Plus, there’s a quite a lot of technical barrier that you have to pass to access a very simple information online. Our aim is to present the information that you seek regularly at very accessible manner. No more confusion on where to find it, how to compare similar of data. We have taken few attempts to help you fight this.

First Attempt: Mobile Internet

If you own a smartphone & not working from home, you would need an internet package. All of the popular mobile operator in country have a perfectly designed Prepaid / Postpaid Internet pages. But, they are now showing them on the same page, or all at once. Rather you would get a load more, next/previous button, social/unsocial group packs which is a little tough to pick the correct pack.

We have arranged internet packages of 4 major mobile operators (excluding airtel) in Bangladesh, and update them regularly (with a bot)

Second Attempt: Stock Market Prices

The one thing that i found useful on our both dse/cse market website is the price ticker. Which shows all the updated stock price. But to view a single company, you have to go to their company page and keep refreshing. Trouble arises when there’s more than one company you are following.

To help in that, we have gather it all in one page. Plus, it updates without refreshing the page.

Final Word

We are already working on the next feature, hopefully will be available before 2030.

Our only promise is to keep the site ad free, as much simple as possible, fast loading, accurate data & noise free. Thank you for reading.